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Temperance and Prohibition at Wabash

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This exhibit documents how Wabash College students from the Civil War to World War II experienced and participated in the Temperance Movement, controversies over alcohol policy, and Prohibition and its repeal. It was prepared by the students of PSC 210/HIS 240: Politics of Prohibition, a Spring 2016 course at Wabash College.

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The Civil Rights Movement in Local Context

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This exhibit documents the civil rights movement as it was experienced in Crawfordsville, Indiana and at Wabash College. It was researched and prepared by the students in PSC210/HIS240: Politics of the Civil Rights Movement, a Fall 2015 course at Wabash College.


Beth Swift, Archivist, Wabash College Lilly Library

Linda Petrie, Assistant Archivist, Wabash College Lilly Library

Jodie Wilson, Reference and Local History Department Head, Crawfordsville District Public Library

Comments or Questions? Contact Professor Shamira Gelbman.